Reason Morning Links: New Torture Report, Supremes Study Strip Searches, Peeping Fibbies


• Senate report says Bush officials were planning toture techniques months before getting rubber stamp from the Office of Legal Counsel; also says Bush political appointees pushed for torture of detainees to reveal connections between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.

• Obama shifts, now says he's open to investigation, possible prosecution of Bush administration officials who provided the legal framework for torture.

• Big Apple fans eschewing top-dollar seats at shiny, new, taxpayer-funded Mets and Yankee stadiums.

• Supreme Court hears arguments in the school strip search case. NY Times summary doesn't look promising. "Several justices appeared troubled by the search, but also seemed loath to second-guess school officials confronted with a variety of dangerous substances."

• Acting CFO of Freddie Mac apparently killed himself this morning.

• FBI agents accused of turning surveillance equipment on dressing rooms to watch teen girls change clothes in a West Virginia mall.

• Inspector General report says TARP program susceptible to mass waste and fraud.