Reason Morning Links: Don't Eat the Pistachios, Billions Wasted in Afghanistan, and Has Obama Got a Deal for You!


• Wall Street worries that Obama's GM coup d'état might become a trend.

• The down economy brings out the Malthusians: NY Times editorial writer Eduardo Porter warns of "the dangers of our love affair with progress."

• Hillary Clinton tells Afghanistan that billions of dollar in U.S. nation-building aid were wasted on failed programs; promptly promises more aid.

• "Perhaps the president could interest you in a Chevy Malibu?"

• Trial of Khmer Rouge torture boss responsible for 16,000 deaths opens in Cambodia.

• FDA says you should stop eating pistachios.

• Cory Doctorow on the copyright battle over the Amazon Kindle 2's speech-to-text function.

• The Onion reports on the latest DNA exoneration.