Militarization of Police

Update on Drug Raid Shooting in Grand Rapids; Another Drug Raid Shooting in Florida


Grand Valley State students held a rally today in support of Derek Kopp, the 20-year-old student shot in the chest during a drug raid on his off-campus apartment Wednesday night. Kopp was unarmed, and according to police accounts, there was no struggle or fight. According to the Grand Rapids Press, Kopp is a film and video major, and identifies himself on his Facebook page as "a left-wing hippie peace-keeping liberal." No doubt the sort of kid paramilitary police tactics were made for.

Thus far, the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department has said only that the raid was part of a drug investigation, and that Kopp was shot by one of its deputies. They haven't said what drugs they were looking for, what probable cause they had against Kopp, what if any drugs they found, or why Kopp was shot in the chest.

Also on Wednesday, police in Pinellas County, Florida say they accidentally shot 45-year-old Brenda McKay shortly after tearing down her door during a drug raid. McKay was shot in the thigh, and is expected to be okay. Police made no arrests after that raid.