One More Reason To Fear the Stimulus Package: Joe Biden, Computer Illiterate and Gaffemeister Extraordinaire, Is In Charge of It All


Fox News delivers the bad news:

President Obama has turned to his own vice president to oversee implementation of the $787 billion economic stimulus package, part of which will be available this week for state Medicaid programs. 

Vice President Joe Biden, in his new role, would meet regularly with key members of the Cabinet, governors and mayor to make sure their efforts are speedy and effective. He is expected to make regular reports to the president that will be posted online at www.recovery.gov.

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The idea of Joe Biden—the feller who created the position of the drug czar; plagiarized from Robert Kennedy and British pol Neil Kinnock; called Barack Obama "clean" and "articulate" the day he announced he (Biden) was running for president; voted in favor of both Gulf Wars; and more and more—being in charge of anything other than a card game on the Acela club car is pretty disturbing. To have overseeing the implementation of nearly $800 billion in government loot boggles the mind. It's like Jimmy Stewart turning over his bank's money to Uncle Billy for safekeeping in It's a Wonderful Life. Especially when, as Wonkette has pointed out, Biden can't even get his site's URL correct: