Kelsey Grammer (Yes, That Kelsey Grammer) on the Stimulus/Bailout/Etc.: It's About Rewarding "Evildoers"



You love him as Dr. Frasier Crane and the voice of The Simpsons' Sideshow Bob. As Cmdr. Tom Dodge in Down Periscope, not so much.

And check him out in this Conservative News Service interview, where he calls himself a "free enterprise guy" and characterizes mortgage deadbeats and bullshit Wall Street leaders as "evildoers":

"The only problem I see with the stimulus package is that, as a rule, it rewards the people that are evildoers—all of them—and that's a problem for me, personally," Grammer told CNSNews.com at the reopening of the Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.

"It may not be a popular position to take," said Grammer, "but I honestly believe that the bill is fraught with the idea that those who did the most damage to our country—from the bottom up and the top down—are the ones that are actually going to get the most rewards."

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