Vote Against Your Least Favorite Pork Project at Stimuluswatch.org!


Remember the idiotic compilation of "shovel-ready" projects put out by the U.S. Conference of Mayors late last year? You know, the one packed with hundreds of pages of phoney-baloney "essential" jobs including such gems as installing "Police Facility Solar Panels for Lake Havasu City, Arizona" (at a cost of only $400,000 and a gain of 75 jobs)? The mayors are storming the nation's capital as we speak, demanding that the stimulus plan put into action their pork-barrel wishlist.

Well now at Stimulus Watch, you can sift through all that material based on location, type of project, etc. Better yet, you can vote up or down on individual projects. Do you think it's a good idea for the feds to pay for a dog park in Chula Vista, California's Sunset View Park (it's a bargain at just $500,000, innit)? Then vote it up. Or better yet, vote it way down.