RNC Race Ends; Michael Steele Wins Coveted Job at Helm of Sinking Ship


The Republican Party now has something in common with the American government it no longer controls: it's run by a black man, in the Republicans' case former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, elected today to chair the Republican National Committee.

Follow the fooferaw that lead to Steele's victory with play-by-play news and analysis from David Weigel over at the Washington Independent.

As my account of the RNC chair race build up concluded, and Steele's victory has not made me change my mind, the GOP isn't very solid on what to do to save itself, much less do right by this great nation it strives to control, and Steele's election (or, to be fair, that of any of the equally uninspiring crew he was up against) isn't going to change that.