The Bulldozer and the Bully


Over at Real Clear Politics, journalist Carla Main and her publisher at Encounter Books, Roger Kimball, discuss the libel suit they face as a result of her 2007 book, Bulldozed: "Kelo," Eminent Domain, and the American Lust for Land. Dallas developer H. Walker Royall is suing them, along with a writer who favorably reviewed the book, the newspaper that published the review, and University of Chicago legal scholar Richard Epstein, who wrote a blurb for the book, because he did not like the way he came across in it:

As we see it, Royall's case against us is not an ordinary libel suit. It is a suit aimed at suppressing the process of investigative journalism and the free circulation of ideas. In his complaint, Royall does not identify a single word of Bulldozed that libels him. He says only that "the gist" of the book defames him….

Royall has picked on the most vulnerable people he could find—writers, a scholar, a nonprofit publisher and a community newspaper. He didn't sue more powerful venues, such as The Wall Street Journal, which favorably reviewed "Bulldozed," or the Cato Institute's Regulation magazine, which have the resources and the lawyers to defend themselves.

Main and Kimball, who are represented by the Institute for Justice, also summarize the Freeport, Texas, eminent domain case at the center of Bulldozed, in which Royall figures prominently. I noted Royall's habit of suing his critics last month.

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  1. Can this asshole, Walker Royall, be countersued for frivolous, malicious litigation?

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    Walker Royall is a bad man.

  2. Hmmmm, a plaintiff who deliberately sues shallow pockets? That’s rich.

  3. I hate to stick up for Royall, but I’m not sure it’s fair to characterize Richard Epstein as legally vulnerable.

  4. Dear lord please let this be a “libel Walker Royall” thread.

    Were you aware, for example, that Walker Royall was the inventor of the short-lived “Taint Misbehavin'” flavor of Ben & Jerry’s?

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  7. Dear lord please let this be a “libel Walker Royall” thread.

    We had a “libel Michael Savage” thread once.

    Good gravy, that was awesome!

  8. Dear lord please let this be a “libel Walker Royall” thread.

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  10. Dear lord please let this be a “libel Walker Royall” thread.

    We had a “libel Michael Savage” thread once.

    Awesome….lets combine the two:

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  11. As it turns out Carla Main is also an attorney. From IJ:

    “Before becoming an author and journalist, Carla Main practiced as an attorney in New York City for ten years. She worked in the areas of real estate, First Amendment and civil rights. Until 2005, Main was an associate editor of The National Law Journal, where she edited the opinion page of the paper and wrote a column on law and society. She has written for The Wall Street Journal, Policy Review, National Review, The American Lawyer and The New York Sun, among other publications.”

    That said, I can only hope Walker Royall and his entire family are gang raped by a herd of wild goats before they’re all burned beyond recognition in a horrific car crash.

  12. Independent sources confirm that Royall used to star in a touring one-man hermaphroditic burlesque show.

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  13. Hmmmm, a plaintiff who deliberately sues shallow pockets? That’s rich.

    It makes a perverse sort of sense, if the plaintiff is interested in ruining the defendants financially for revenge rather than a windfall.

  14. 159.6,

    I think you’re doing it wrong. While certainly hateful, there is nothing libelous about that statement.

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  16. “159.6, I think you’re doing it wrong. While certainly hateful, there is nothing libelous about that statement.”

    I assume you mean me, even though you got the caliber all wrong. Anyhow I wasn’t going for libelous, just wanted to spew my hopes for an early (and painfully humiliating) death to Wackoff Royall and his progeny.

  17. DATELINE JANUARY 27, 2009

    Oedipal mastermind Walker Royall took a break from his highly profitable child pornography operation to sue Carla Main for her jounalistic work exposing, amongst other things, the dark underside of even his legitimate business as a property developer. Walker Royall refused to comment on this case, or his pending indictment for 3rd degree rape. Breaking-

  18. I’m sure I’ve read an internet post that this Royall guy yanks off lizard tails and feeds them to anoying packs of seagulls at the beach. Then he laughs at the hapless tourists that subsequently get craped on… I would call this guy a Quadraphonic Douchewoofer

  19. I live in the Freeport area (Clute, tx to be exact). I’ll have to give this book a read.

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    (always remember: If something is couched as an opinion and not fact, it cannot by definition be considered to be defamation)

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  22. I read in a Paul Krugman column that WALKER ROYALL recently fired a handgun outside of a DC police station and was caught with 23 bags of marijuana that he acquired through high-priced zoning-regulation lawyers. The thing is, WALKER ROYALL’s possession of those drugs was more economically-advantageous for the county.

    I’ve definitely heard that he drinks mint juleps out of human skulls, too.

  23. Does Royall REALLY wanna go 1-1 w/ Epstein?

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  27. Royall is now in the same boat as David Irving. He will have to pay the defendant’s legal costs, as Irving did.

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  30. Dallas developer H. Walker Royall is suing t. . . . University of Chicago legal scholar Richard Epstein,

    Ooh, not smart. Not smart at all. He should definitely fire his lawyer for incompetence. Epstein may or may not have deep pockets, but he does have at his disposal many very smart lawyers and lawyers-to-be.

    And let the record show that the court’s failure to sanction the attorney who brought this case is a major dereliction of its duties.

  31. This is the greatest thread ever

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