Recently at Reason.tv: Change Has Come to America. Except in Obama's Cabinet


Approximately 1.30 minutes. Written and directed by Michael C. Moynihan. Shot and edited by Dan Hayes.

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  1. lol at the Dawn Johnson/Don Johnson pic. Nice.

  2. C-
    You have to be a speed reader to catch all the subtitles.

  3. Could you guys just take it easy on the Dear Chairman? He’s only been president for a day or so! I mean sure, he could have had a so-called climate change bill already written (he had a two month head start and a cast of thousands) and submitted to congress on day one, but maybe – just maybe – it’s not that dire of an emergency. Or maybe – again maybe – there are other things more important. Just sayin’.

  4. Dear people in charge at Reason,
    Your political video spoofs are mildly amusing at best. They are of no substantive value at all. This one for instance; Changing back to the Clinton team is exactly the “change” Obama supporters had in mind to begin with. Even as comedy, they ain’t all that witty.


  5. After yesterday, this faux-sophisticated “Meet the new boss” shtick comes across as a little desperate.

  6. Has he really done anything differently from what Hillary would have done joe?

  7. Let me get this straight – The new Democratic president has selected a bunch of experienced Democrats for leadership positions? Get out of town! (And seriously, after just a day or so, there have been some positive changes made already, including ones libertarians ought to like.)

  8. BDB,

    I don’t think Hillary would have issued an order requiring all federal agencies to follow the Army Field Manual for interrogations. Certaily not on her first day in office. Ditto with the military commissions and closing Gitmo.

    I’m pretty confident that Hillary would not have imposed those standards for lobbying activity.

  9. Also, as Pro Libertate points out,, Hillary would have probably appointed Palpatine as Secretary of State.

  10. BP,

    Thanks. That photo was just begging for Force lightning, wasn’t it? And I love her Dark Side leer.

    Come to think of it, maybe she is qualified to be SoS in these trying times. I mean, Force lightning–that’s a potent tool in the diplomatic toolbox, no doubt.

  11. As an Obama voter, his cabinet was his disappointment.

  12. Oh, it’s early yet.

  13. PL – She should be able to get the Israelis and Palestinians to the table, at least.

  14. I would have prefered Secretary of State Amanda Plummer.

    “If any of you fucking pricks MOVE, I’ll execute every last motherfucking one of you!”

    Now THAT’S a Middle East Peace Process we can believe in!

  15. I prefer Darth Hillary, myself. Force powers are a formidable tool for persuasion.

  16. Great video and great point. My two cents: Obama has been compared to FDR, LBJ — even Reagan. I think the Obama adminstration will be what the Clinton administration was SUPPOSED to be.

    But this time, these guys know Washington better (smoother transition, for example) and the members of the Cabinet won’t have to waste time putting out “fires” created by the President’s self-destructive behavior.

  17. As I recall, the Clinton administration was supposed to introduce a socialist utopia. Then 1994 happened, and Clinton used his switcheroo powers to become a moderate Republican president.

    I exaggerate for effect, of course.

  18. ProL, some of the commentary I have read has said that the best thing Obama can do is to govern exactly like Clinton.

  19. Instead of cheesy things like this, it would be incredibly easy for “bad boy Nick” to actually be a bad boy by doing things like this. Apparently Reason is afraid that would piss people off and they wouldn’t get invited to all the best cocktail parties.

    P.S. Here’s my coverage of Obama’s cabinet and others.

  20. sage,

    You mean try to out Republican a GOP Congress?

  21. But this time, these guys know Washington better (smoother transition, for example) and the members of the Cabinet won’t have to waste time putting out “fires” created by the President’s self-destructive behavior.

    Clinton’s administration was a fucking clown car for the first 2-3 years. Doot doot doodle loodle doot doot doot doot.

    Obahm Emmanuel ain’t gonna have no clown car.

  22. Doot doot doodle loodle doot doot doot doot.

    Didn’t Reno end up being the bearded lady?

  23. Come on the moment he announced Biden as his co-candidate for “Change” it was a no brainer his idea of change and the websters meaning were nowhere near the same thing.

    Kind of hard to convince me your wanting change when your running mate has been a part of the problem since I was 1 year old. LMAO

  24. That’s my point. Early Clinton administration was a clown car because they had some great players, but a lousy coach who was more interested in nailing the cheerleaders than running the team.

    This time around, they seem to have a pretty good coach (who is married to a hot cheerleader. I think, for good or bad, they will do a lot of what the Clinton folks dreamed about — but never got done because of, well, Bill Clinton.

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