In Other News, President Obama Is a Weak-Kneed Terrorist Appeaser


From National Review Online, here is Andrew C. McCarthy's take on President Obama's executive order dealing with interrogation methods:

The executive order says everyone in custody should be questioned under the Army Field Manual, which is intended for honorable combatants, meaning POWs in a military conflict. The rule would prevent trained interrogators at the CIA from using lawful interrogation techniques against terrorists who have been trained to withstand Army Field Manual techniques.

Actually, that's a paragraph from a Fox News story. I realize that Fox sees its mission as rebutting other big media outlets' left-wing bias with its own right-wing bias, but this is more heavy-handed than anything labeled as reporting that I can recall seeing on CNN or reading in The New York Times. Their bias is generally more subtle, a matter of what's emphasized or left out, as opposed to straightforward editorializing. But maybe that makes it more dangerous.