A Wiki Wrapped in Bacon?


If you like your pork pre-chewed (or better still, if you enjoy pre-chewing for others) check out the Chasing the Pork wiki. Inspired by a blog post by Russ Roberts on Cafe Hayek, the idea is to annotate and analyze the stimulus bill in all its hundreds of billions of porky glory.

Or hop to Read the Stimulus and insert comments directly into the bill's text. Their motto "$850 Billion, 334 pages, and counting… somebody needs to read it!" But, of course, the best part about these sites is that no one person has to read the whole thing.

Both sites are brand new, and the wiki is less than a day old, so they're a little feeble right now. Commenters, this is your chance to atone for your sins. Go comment for the greater good!

Watch Russ Roberts on video as a reward when you get back and see if you can catch the frame where a lightbulb appears over his head when he thinks of this:

Or read Reason Foundation's Anthony Randazzo on the joys of transparency. Plus, President Obama loves transparency today!