Attn, DC Reasonoids: Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie Discuss Being "Libertarian in the Age of Obama," Tonight, Jan. 21!


On Wednesday, January 21, The Modernist Society will host a conversation with's Nick Gillespie and Reason magazine's Matt Welch about what it means to be libertarian in the age of Obama.

The event features a cash bar—with some $4 specials!— and will be held at 9pm at Bourbon, 2321 18th Street NW, in Washington, DC.

For more information, check out The Modernist Society on Facebook.

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  1. Baysel Hayden and Blanton’s. Maybe Booker’s if you like it to burn more.

  2. Being a Libertarian in the Age of Obama, or, How to Cope with Reality (ugh!) and Keep the Faith.

  3. Is the Modernist Scoiety a haven for boring old fucks?

  4. The Obama age will be much better than the Bush/Reagan age.

  5. Not believing that any time is the “Age Of” a politician would be a good start.

  6. Cosmotarians Untie!

  7. Cash bar?!? So I guess you don’t want anyone to attend, then.

  8. In addition to Ska:

    Woodfood Reserve, Noah’s Creek, and Jefferson’s Reserve. But I like the sweeter bourbons.

  9. Hey Lefiti, are you going to come over again tonight and we can do that thing that we did last night again? That was feeling good.

  10. Lurkerbold and Lefiti fail at decidancy.

  11. Rebel Yell is my go-to cheap bourbon. It’s a lot smoother than it has any right to be.

  12. But it’s waaaay past my bedtime! Some of us hold down real jobs, you know!

  13. This will be recorded, yes? I will look forward to watching/listening to it.

  14. Being a Libertarian in the Age of Obama, or, How to Cope with Reality (ugh!) and Keep the Faith.

    That must be the new revised volume. My guess is the first edition was “Being a Liberal in the Age of Bush, or, How to Cope with Reality (ugh!) and Keep the Faith.

    But I’m just guessing.

  15. “Dave Weigel”, or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Obama.

  16. Well, if you’re a “libertarian” that works for reason magazine, then you start by buying a “yes we can!” button to help your chances with the 19-year-old non-profit interns in the spring.

  17. The event features a cash bar-with some $4 specials!-

    Sounds a bit on the cheap side. I thought that place was a classy joint?

  18. It’s classy for a regular bar.

    And they love putting Old Bay seasoning on everything.

  19. Ska,

    I thought it was in DC, that sounds so MD like Ballmer hun.

  20. Being a Libertarian in the Age of Obama
    Hangover Remedies.

  21. Yo dude! I think I see his Libertarian side coming around…just give it a sec…any minute now.

  22. Here’s how fucking old I am:

    I can remember when getting charged $4 for a drink would make me say, “Who do these fuckers think they are, charging $4 for a drink?” and not, “Wow, $4 is really reasonable for a drink.”

  23. Here’s how fucking old I am:

    You and me both. It may also have a little sumpn to do with the kinds of joints we hung out in back in the day v. now, too.

  24. Is that a picture of “Road to Serfdom” overrrated Hayek or some other right-wing lunatic?

  25. LOL, I actually took a look at this thread specifically for the hilarious Lefiti posts, and I was not disappointed!

  26. “Attention, DC Reasonoids….”

    Are there any gatherings of Reason fans that don’t take place in the Imperial Capital nowadays?

  27. At first I thought “Bourbon” was a suggestion for how to cope with being a libertarian in the age of Obama, not the location of the confab….

  28. Cash bar?!? So I guess you don’t want anyone to attend, then.

    Maybe they’re looking for serious drinkers.

  29. How about being a creationist in the age of Darwin? Same thing

  30. Well, libertarianism was an epic fail in the Age of W., why should you guys do better on this go-around?

    C’mon, 9/11 polarized libertarians into the neocons and the moonbats. You ain’t putting Humpty Dumpty back together. And that drug war bullshit hobby horse is hardly a rallying issue.

    I mean, c’mon, pretending something’s not an existential threat is hardly a recipe for preserving freedoms. Which is what too many libertarians and anarchocapitalists did.

  31. You’ve actually read Hayek, Lefiti?

    Don’t know why you would consider him a lunatic. Obama says he read him, and clearly has been influenced by him. Obama obviously read ROAD TO SERFDOM and thought, “Can we make this dire prophecy a reality? Yes, we can!”

  32. Why has nobody here viewed my auto-suck video? I’m so disappointed.

  33. Why the fuck does this stupid post keep getting moved up?

  34. I second Maltodextrin (and I’ve said this before) … with the magazine’s business headquarters being in Los Angeles, how about a cocktail night out here on the left coast once in a while? Virginia Postrel can come! Breitbart too.

  35. I am glad there are people who are libertarians in Washington. But I really dont know if I trust anyone out of that area. Los Angeles, DC, NYC…if you were that much of a liberty loving person why dont you live somewhere a little more free?

  36. If anyone’s going, try the kochtopus. It’s delish!

    P.S. It’s worth noting that a good part of Reason’s small influence helped BHO get elected. In fact, given Reason’s resources they could have easily asked BHO a question that would have greatly decreased his populary, as I suggested and as they knew about. Instead, they engaged in no activism that I know of, and most of their criticism was of McCain, despite their post-election attempts to pretend otherwise. And, of course, they helped knock out the only viable libertarian candidate of all time by helping the sleazy TNR with their smears.

  37. Chris!!!!! I mean LONEWACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *shakes fist in air*

  38. In fact, given Reason’s resources they could have easily asked BHO a question that would have greatly decreased his populary,

    You vastly underestimate

    (1) Obama’s ability to duck, weave, dodge, and utter vacuous platitudes to avoid giving offense.

    (2) The willingness of Obama supporters to accept uncritically what he says.

    (3) The eagerness of the press to cement their own place in history by actively supporting his campaign and downplaying anything that could give it trouble.

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