Drew Carey and BoingBoing Visit the Consumer Electronics Show in Search of Robots and More…

| and Price Is Right host Drew Carey visits Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show with the gang from BoingBoing:

Television host and gadget-o-phile Drew Carey visited with the Boing Boing crew in Las Vegas to roam the blinking, beeping halls of CES 2009. He was there with his lovely fiancé, and her three year old son, Connor. Today's episode documents Connor's search for talking robots and "tiny cars I can ride in." Along the way, Drew stops at the Intel booth to check out a $47,000 VR racing system that puts you in the driver's seat on famous racetracks around the world—the system includes topographically accurate maps, down to the pebble, of famous tracks.

More, including downloadable MP4 version, here.

Drew Carey took on the machine menace for

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  1. He was there with his lovely fianc?

    Which one is the fianc??

    Is she that bleach-blond transvestite with a microphone there at the beginning?

  2. Mock Drew Carey at your own risk, SugarFree.

  3. Cute kid! I still have a copy of Dirty Jokes and Beer around here somewhere; wonder if Drew will write a sequel…

  4. Mock Drew Carey at your own risk, SugarFree.

    Technically, I was mocking Xeni Jardin. If you must admonish me, at least admonish me correctly.

  5. Apparently I’m the only one who thinks Drew looks like a tranny, then. Oopsie daisy.

  6. That is one realistic-looking robot Drew has on his shoulders, there. Technology has really advanced.

  7. Technically, I was mocking Xeni Jardin.

    Someone who should be mocked on a semi-regular basis to keep her pretentiousness in check.

    Hmm. Just like everyone else on Boing-Boing except possibly Mark Frauenfelder…

  8. Frauenfelder needs to be mocked too. Maybe most desperately of them all.

    Joel Stein: “Nut allergies — a Yuppie invention”
    Posted by Mark Frauenfelder, January 9, 2009 1:30 PM

    Joel Stein wrote an opinion piece for the LA Times alleging that nut allergies are, by and large, a Yuppie invention.

    Your kid doesn’t have an allergy to nuts. Your kid has a parent who needs to feel special. Your kid also spends recess running and screaming, “No! Stop! Don’t rub my head with peanut butter!”

    Yes, a tiny number of kids have severe peanut allergies that cause anaphylactic shock, and all their teachers should be warned, handed EpiPens and given a really expensive gift at Christmas. But unless you’re a character on “Heroes,” genes don’t mutate fast enough to have caused an 18% increase in childhood food allergies between 1997 and 2007. And genes certainly don’t cause 25% of parents to believe that their kids have food allergies, when 4% do. Yuppiedom does.

    I wonder if he would have written this piece had he witnessed a child go into anaphylactic shock, as my daughter did when she ate a cookie with hidden nuts in it. It was very scary.

    A perfect blend of anecdote-as-data and what-about-the-children? does nothing to disprove Stein’s thesis.

  9. Regarding Frauenfelder, very few bloggers would be dumb enough to post this list without realizing immediately it was fake:

    Regarding Xeni Jardin, I restrict my numerically-limited criticism of her to the stupid things she does rather than the way she looks.

    Note that the last link was deleted from her WP entry, although you can still find it in page 4 or so of the archives talk pages.

    And, when I signed up to post comments there they were immediately deleted; not that Frauenfelder “disemvoweled” another comment at the first URL above.

    Nice company Reason keeps.

  10. Shut the fuck up, Lonewacko.

  11. Waahmbulance

    The hypothetical vehicle that’s called for someone who is whining, usually in a self-absorbed and/or annoying way.

    “I hate myself, and that person said mean things to me, and my milk got spilled, and my cake fell.”

    “Ugh, someone call the waahmbulance!”

  12. Well, I came to the comments to mock Boing Boing and its super-pretentious cast of characters. Looks like there’s no need. God bless this country.

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