Climate Change Teetotalers Denounce Baptists and Bootleggers


Earlier I blogged about the USCAP coalition of Climate Change Baptists and Bootleggers testifying on Capitol Hill today asking for free money. Some holier-than-they climate activists (perhaps they should be styled as Climate "Teetotalers" or "Fundamentalists") hate the sin of carbon emissions even more and will not brook any compromises with corporate "bootleggers." As the 350 member 1Sky coalition press release declared:

[1Sky Campaign Director Gillian] Caldwell explained that the U.S. Climate Action Partnership's (USCAP) proposal includes giveaways to the nation's most powerful polluters rather than the bold solutions necessary to solve the climate crisis. "Under this proposal, 40% of the dirtiest polluters would be allowed to keep polluting," Caldwell said, "1Sky and its allies urge the members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to draft effective energy policy that closes loopholes, and auctions 100% of pollution allowances." Caldwell noted that President-elect Obama repeatedly promised to make polluters pay and the USCAP proposal, as she says, "Lets the most powerful polluters off the hook."

"USCAP's scheme for coal is not any better. They propose allowing exorbitant subsidies for coal plants to be built now, as long as they capture and sequester the carbon once the technology becomes commercially viable. No one can predict whether or if it will ever be commercially viable," Caldwell said. The 1Sky coalition wants an immediate moratorium placed on all new coal-fired power plants that emit global warming pollution.

1Sky advocates cutting U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by 2020.

Whole 1Sky press release here.