RNC Hopefuls on Ron Paul


At the Western Standard (where they are tracking Canada's heroes of liberty), Kalim Kassam sums up the comments various seekers of the job of chairman of the Republican National Committee made re: Ron Paul at a debate hosted by Grover Norquist.

While Kassam frames it as if they are all smartly recognizing the potential importance of Ron's libertarian, anti-interventionist, anti-fiat money crew to the GOP, the quotes he presents sound a lot more hesitant and grudging than that to me–less "these Ron Paul people are a valuable part of our coalition and should be heeded" and more "we ought not utterly and firmly bar these strange and disturbing people from crossing our threshold, if they really, really wanna help us out."

But check out the summary quotes and video here and decide for yourself, as exciting new media technologies allow us to do. The Wall Street Journal coverage of RNC hopefuls and Paul, which Kassam quotes.