The Revolting Cuban Revolution Turns 50: Reason's coverage over the years


The Castro-led Cuban revolution turns 50 on January 1, 2009 and Reason looks forward to a time—hopefully in the very near future—when the country's dictators have receded into memory and U.S. policy, especially the idiotic, illiberal, and ineffective trade and travel embargo, are things of the past.

Here's a short list of representative Reason's coverage of the island prison over the years. For a full listing, go here.

Dumb Man Talking: Sean Penn stumps for Cuban Communism, Michael C. Moynihan, December 11, 2008

Fidel's Favorite Propagandist: How a New York Times reporter's passion for Castro led him astray, Glenn Garvin, November 2007 print edition

Havana Hustle: Cuba's New Socialist Man learns to wheel and deal, Damien Cave, August/September 2003 print edition

Foul Ball: How a communist dictatorship and a U.S. embargo has silenced a Cuban historian, Matt Welch, June 2002 print edition

Che's Secret Diary: The guerilla hero as dispirited racist, Cynthia Grenier, June 2002 print edition 

Orphans of Trade: How to help all of Cuba's children, Nick Gillespie, February 2000 print edition

Killer Chic: Hollywood's Sick Love Affair with Che Guevara, written and directed by Ted Balaker, edited by Alex Manning, December 11, 2008. (Go here for embed code and related materials.)

"The Default Should Be Freedom": Rep. Jeff Flake on U.S.-Cuba Policy, shot and edited by Dan Hayes, March 17, 2008. (Go here for embed code and related materials.)