Because Nothing Says Hanukkah Like a T-Shirt That Says "Che Kaparah" in Hebrew


Reader Ruth Gretzinger writes, "tonite, as I'm browsing israelimilitary.com—looking for hanukkah presents, ok?—I come upon this in the children's section, and it of course made me think of your ."

Gretzinger's professional site.

From the site hawking the shirt:

Children's T-shirt with play on words print: image of Che Guevara on white T-shirt with the words "Che Kaparah" in Hebrew (atonement). Now in kids' sizes.

White t-shirt body with red color-blocked neck rib and sleeves.

Customize with name in Hebrew or English printed on the back.

100% cotton, made in Israel.

More products, including a "Golani Brigade 'Fragrance of Israel' IDF Car Freshener" and body armor for under $200, here.

For the full inventory of Che products and Hollywood's sick love affair with the butcher of La Cabana prison, click on the image below.