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The No. 1 Libertarian Blog? You're Reading It.


A website dedicated to web entrepreneurship comes up with a thorough and useful list of "The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs." Why?

While we at WebPreneur typically try to steer clear of politics, it is clear that issues such as net neutrality and controlling the size and scope of government are of increasing importance to web entrepreneurs. Thus a growing number of web entrepreneurs are expressing new found interest in libertarian principles. So to assist those of you interested in educating yourselves further, we've sorted through thousands of sites and selected the best of the best for what we believe to be the top 100 libertarian blogs…

Coming in at number one is this very blog you are reading, reason's Hit and Run.

Hit and Run has been previously praised by Playboy as one of "five winning political blogs" and by Washingtonian as one of the "best political blogs." Of course, what we are proudest of is how every day we are able to earn the attention and readership of each and every one of you.