Friday Unfun Links: Bailout Balance Sheet



It's starting to feel like one of those epic nights at the bar in Washington, DC. You know, the evenings where you know you're running up a tab much bigger than you intended, but the bartender has your card, and it's just so easy to order one more round for the gang.

For those too sozzled or bozwozzled to track what we're spending on on bailouts these days, here's a quick tally:

That's a little over $6,800 for every man, woman, and child, or just under $15,000 for each of America's 140 million taxpayers.

Thanks (but no thanks) to Reason Foundation's Anthony Randazzo for these horrifying numbers, who also says "Oh, and keep in mind that this doesn't include the hundreds of billions the Fed has and will buy up in commercial paper and lend out to other financial firms."