Conspiracy Theories

Halloween Podcast


I've posted a recording of the radio show I hosted and mixed yesterday, a Halloween Celebration of Fear. It's three hours of music, theater, and found sound devoted not just to traditional ghosts and demons but to conspiracies, extraterrestrials, and a host of social anxieties. Among the contents:

* an exorcism in the Phillipines;

* a mid-'60s documentary on the scourge of pornography, mixed with some '70s porn music;

* a right-wing Christian lecture, recorded in the 1970s, on how Ayn Rand was a communist witch writing coded instructions for the Illuminati;

* Mr. Show's exposé of the scourge of Monster Parties;

* a dramatic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Outsider"; and

* devilish music by artists ranging from John Cale to Charlie Daniels.

I've also posted last week's program, which has much less in the way of weird mixes and spoken words, and much more in the way of classic country and R&B.