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reason's Nick Gillespie recently appeared on Washington Watch, the PajamasTV web show hosted by Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds. The topics covered including whether the bailout was necessary, how states can cope with massive funding deficits, and how the GOP will fare in the upcoming election. Appearing with Gillespie were The Cato Institute's Chris Edwards and UCLA law professor and blogger Stephen Bainbridge.

Click on the image above to watch the show (free registration required), which runs about 30 minutes.

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  1. PajamaTV needs to take a cue from ReasonTV. Nobody wants to sign up for registration to view content whether it is "free" or not. These are the same folks that removed Ron Paul from their unscientific poll because it was skewing the "science" of it though, so I'm not surprised.

  2. Just embed this link with a standard FLV swf player, or download it directly:

  3. PJTV is a pack of neocons. Of course they shouted Ron Paul down.


  4. Can there really be a lending crisis if losers like the Pajamas Media folks managed to get funding for a registration-required v-cast site?

  5. I'm completely shocked that Reason would crawl into bed with PJTV. They're just a bunch of wannabe establishment hacks. OTOH, Reason "keeps it real" and "fights the Man" every chance they get. Completely and absolutely incorruptible, Reason cannot be bought off for money or cocktail party invites or anything. No matter what side you're on, you have to completely respect Reason for never selling out!

    P.S. At Insty right now, he's promoting a) a car, b) PopMechanics, and c) some computer. The last has an affiliate link, meaning that he gets a cut. Not only that, but he said that someone sent him the link to the notebook at Amazon. Do they normally including his affiliate ID?

    P.P.S. I think those at Reason are even more tool-like than Insty, in case it wasn't clear. It's just that they don't get his traffic.

  6. Why the jacket? Why? Does he literally not own a single suit jacket? If I appeared publicly in forums where people show up or tune in to consider my opinions, pretty sure I would wear a suit or at least something that doesn't scream "band geek trapped in high school." Were leather jackets ever cool? No one born after 1980 unfamiliar with the cool metalic taste of a high school locker has ever worn one. Ever. Gah. Terrible.

  7. OLS, it might help if you would decide whether Reason is a stooge of the right or the left at any given point in time, and stick with that decision for at least a couple days. And no, I'm not going to click on a link to your shitty 3rd rate schizo rantings. See some doctors, take some pills, get a job.

  8. Just wait till he debates fois gras.

  9. Neek, you kinda look like you're pooping in that screenshot. Were you even wearing pants when that video was shot?

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  11. Basically wengdongqin's comment is better than half of the comments in this thread, great job guys.

  12. I have it on good authority that "wengdongqin" is actually named "Dave Weigel", and he's the same person recently refered to in the Politico as a "reporter". Said article was a bit of a circle jerk, in that BenSmith was promoting Weigel's looking into "wacky" stories about BHO in an article trying to downplay "wacky" stories about BHO that the hacks at Politico and Reason don't want to cover in an honest fashion.

  13. Nice leather jacket. I like the new look.

  14. A guy debating a guy? Holy shit, the gloves are coming off!!

  15. MAX: Yes, Nick always looks like he's auditioning for a part in a '50s biker movie.

  16. if Nick wore a suit and tie, he would look like a total tool. But ditching the leather might be good every once in a awhile, though it is rather sexy. Maybe the standard Steve Jobs black t-shirt or expensive (looking) t-shirt under a jacket. But no tie EVER EVER EVER.

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