The Return of the Thin White Duke


A few weeks ago, when Barack Obama started to tick back up in the polls, I joked that it would be a good time for Larry Johnson to release the "whitey tape." You remember the "whitey tape," right? Back on May 16, ex-CIA analyst and minor Plame scandal figure (he was a friend of the Plames who attacked the White House) Johnson announced that "I now have it from two three four sources (three who are close to senior Republicans) that there is video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against 'whitey' at Jeremiah Wright's church." The tape was supposed to drop before the final primaries, but it never did.

Today, though, Johnson's back in the game!

None of my three main sources on who told me about the existence of a video recording of Michelle Obama making disparaging comments about white folks have backed off. Two of these sources are Democrats and are journalists. They were not trying to sabotage the Obama campaign. They were passing on something they believed to be true. The fact that my third source, a person who lives on the West Coast and is a Republican, has no ties whatsoever to the other two but told the same story persuaded me this "tape" exists. My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.

So, we've got that cleared up.

Why did I stumble across Johnson's blog again? Well, there's a fresh new rumor that Obama is visiting his ailing grandmother in Hawaii (less than two weeks before the election) not because she's ailing, but because he's trying to stop the Forces of Truth from locating the evidence that he wasn't really born in America. Who was behind this?

Well, do you remember Andy Martin? Yes, it's him.

I have been issuing reports from Hawaii and we are on the streets digging for the truth. This weekend we issued our story list for Monday-Wednesday (Monday has been rescheduled—see above).

What has Obama done? Cancelled his campaign and announced he is jumping on a plane to join Andy Martin in Hawai'i. Welcome home, Barry (Obama's grandmother calls him "Barry.")

High Noon in Hawaii.

Barack Obama vs. Andy Martin. The drama builds as we move closer and closer to disclosing the dramatic truth about Barack Obama.

One reason I'm bringing this up is that I keep finding a correlation between Obama's rise in polls and the proliferation of absolutely crazy conspiracy theories about him. Case in point: Today, I talked to a conservative who was convinced that Hillary Clinton, seeing her presidential hopes vanish if Obama beats McCain, is waiting for the right moment to release a document ("real or not") proving that Obama was born in Indonesia. Nice guy, wearing a suit, completely sane. But he'd allowed himself to indulge in magical thinking about how the election can be won without actually making the case against Obama.

People like Martin and Johnson have made an Obama presidency more, not less, likely.