The Talk Show with Nick Gillespie, Michael C. Moynihan, The Atlantic's Megan McArdle, and The Onion's Joe Garden


reason's Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie sit down with The Atlantic's Megan McArdle and The Onion's Joe Garden to talk about Nancy Reagan's pelvis, the Big Bailout (getting bigger all the time), satirizing Barack Obama, and much more. Approximately 20 mins; shot by Dan Hayes.

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  1. Joe Garden: “I don’t like her (Palin) fake populism…..Obama’s definitely not the status quo… make fun of him we’ll have to wait ’til he’s in office”

  2. please tell me you all sit there with drinks in your hands and your legs crossed the whole time.

    if i wanted to watch Friends, I’d turn on TBS.

  3. I was never a fan of Megan McCardle. She isn’t really very libertarian and although she seems like an intelligent woman her posts have a poorly thought out and phoned in quality.Then I saw her on internet video.God Damn fine piece of ass there.All is forgiven.Except for working with those tools over at the ATLANTIC that is.

  4. BADASS. You totally did the multiple-camera-angles thing. It looks FANTASTIC. Congrats to Dan Hayes and anyone else who had a part in this.

  5. Enjoyed this. Hope to see more.

  6. Thankful to hear Television instead of that Seinfeld spinoff from before.

  7. Loved it. However, American men do not know how to cross their legs.

  8. Obama’s definitely not the status quo

    He picked Joe Biden, and he voted for the bailout. Obama’s as run-of-the-mill as it gets.


  9. It’s not easy crossing your legs when you have huge nuts.

  10. Enjoyable inteview! Thanks.

    (Except… Jeez, Megan McArdle couldn’t be less funny. Just painful. There’s nothing worse than people who don’t realize that the jokes they are dragging out, ended the moment the were implied by other actually-creative people in the conversation. Ugh.)

  11. That was very entertaining–please do more. Since I’m clearly the only person in America who doesn’t think Sarah Palin is an imbecile, I appreciated Nick’s comment about the incredible pass Biden is getting from the press. Not a day goes by without him making some idiotic comment (i.e. his story about missing out on a threesome in college) and yet the media response is always “oh, that’s just Joe, you gotta love him. Now, back to how incredibly stupid Sarah Palin is…”

  12. … although, she turns out to be a personable gal who knows her subject. (Sorry for the preemptive strike)

  13. Megan may not be 100% pure, but she has enough libertarian blood in her to pass; check out her blog posts on the 2nd Amendment. And her mellow tone is very soothing, especially when you’re fighting a hangover. But I agree–sadly–that she’s not very funny. I attribute this to her being a vegan, which requires such a high level of earnestness that any humorous edge is inevitably neutralized.

  14. Another satisfied viewer here. Though I gotta say, Megan’s sandals and the Onion guy’s knees were a little too casual. Got a kick out of seeing ‘How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World’ on the wall.

  15. I like Megan’s sandals. The whole time I was watching, I couldn’t help but wonder what it’d be like to play footsie with her.

  16. Very well done. Thanks!

  17. Personally, I found it hard to listen to McArdle. Anyone who doesn’t have lower-back tattoos of Murray Rothbard–meh! But I also was lulled into a stupor by Nick Gillespie’s deep voice and sultry gaze. Rawr. Note to Nick: tighter pants next time, you’re not there to talk, sweet cheeks.

  18. “Second Amendment Libertarians” aren’t. They just like guns.

  19. Obama is not the status quo

    That is the rhetorical equivilant of the “money shot.”
    Yes, Obama is not the status quo, certainly not. He is a product of the non-stop corruption add-on to Chicago/Illinois politics.

    The status quo is mere criminal. Obama by virtue of his gestation via geography, he has transcended the status quo.

  20. Great show! It would also great to download the show as an audio podcast.

  21. I don’t support Palin, but she isn’t a fake populist. It makes me vomit in my mouth a little to watch smug coastal elites sit around and circle jerk about what clever and witty political analysts they are.

    Nick needs a haircut. Meagan needs a cheeseburger, and baldy needs to get a new pair of jeans.

  22. Very good jokes!
    The first time I heard some of them, they made me laugh so much that I fell from the cradle.

  23. You’ve got to be kidding. Wedgies all around! Daaahlings!

  24. Did everyone agree to wear black, or was that just a coincidence?

  25. Lots of snark, not much substance.

  26. Reason’s most-watched Youtube has around as many views as two of my videos, and I’m just an independent. I’d imagine that several other of my videos have many times more views that most of Reason’s other videos.

    So, based on that terrific market reaction, they’ve launched yet another Junior Beltway Insiders talk show.

    Ayn would not be pleased, although apparently the Kochtopus is.

    What Ayn would suggest is that Reason tries to differentiate itself in some way, such as finally doing some real reporting. About the closest Reason has come to that was when Weigel asked a question. Unfortunately, he asked it of LarrySinclair.

    I Reason really wants the hits, go out and ask Barack Obama a real question. (The BHO campaign can relax: the Kochtopus obviously forbids them from discomforting anyone with any power).

  27. I listened to your video. You seem to be supporters of Obama. I looked at your” About Us” site and it says you stand for free markets and liberty. Just now I checked out a site on Instapundit that refers to an Amazon site of archives. There it says that Obama was or is a member of the New Party, a socialist party, when he ran for state office. It doesnt sound reasonable that someone who is for free markets and liberty would be for such a candidate,

  28. I listened to your video. You seem to be supporters of Obama.

    How did you come to that conclusion? You are talking about the video at the top of this page?

  29. “Everyone got their drinks? Good, lets start!”

  30. Palin’s drawing big crowds. Why?

    The professional political class is destroying the country.

    The IRS and the federal budget is a slush fund.

    We’ll see more like Sarah, sooner then later.

  31. “Lies that life is black & White spoke to my skull I dreamed…”

    Barack is NOT younger…he’s older than that now.

    His ideas became bankrupt the day he and that other Senator from AZ voted for corporatism. Why do we continue to discuss this meaningless theme. There is one choice for those who value liberty…3rd Party or Bust!

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