Our Man In Ohio


Turns out Joe the Plumber is unlicensed and owes back taxes. I'm starting to hope the week ends with him endorsing Bob Barr.

Update: A few readers mistook this post for a part of the two-minute hate now unfolding at some of the pro-Barack blogs, so I'll try to be clearer: I'm for unlicensed plumbers. When I lived in South Baltimore, I found two kinds of competent handymen: the ones who advertised in the yellow pages, charged a lot of money, and signaled that they were trustworthy by being formally certified, and the ones who mostly stuck to their neighborhoods, didn't charge much, and signaled that they were trustworthy via word of mouth. (I also encountered a company that informed us its roofers were licensed but was lying. But that's a tale for another day.)

Anyway, the idea of the post was that a guy who doesn't like taxes or occupational licensing might want to vote for the Libertarian. Though after today, I wouldn't blame Joe if he decided to skip this whole voting business altogether.