A Hayekian Response to that Last Debate Question



Peggy from New Hampshire. Thank you for a great question that does honor to your state's motto "Live free or die". Peggy, in this moment of national crisis all eyes are on the two candidates for the presidency, and tonight we have been sparring to the best of our oratorical abilities. In a few months, one of us will have the most powerful government on earth at his fingertips. And yet the president is still just one person. With the knowledge of a single individual. What I won't know is what every single one of you knows and the complexity of the implications that this distributed knowledge creates. One way for me to learn what you all know is to pay attention to the things you do, the activities you engage in, the relationships you form, the deals you are willing to strike. And I'll make sure that the levers I will be pulling don't interfere with your ability to communicate your precious knowledge to me.

Via Cafe Hayek.