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Our first-ever webathon has just two days one day left—we'll be shutting down the blegging come the end of Saturday (promise!). And we'll be turning off the pop-up ad too (double promise!)

If you like what you read at reason online and our award-winning staff Hit & Run, watch at, or peruse in the print edition of reason (surely the only publication to win kudos from Rush Limbaugh and Bill Moyers), then please support our efforts with a tax-deductible donation. A $100 gift gets you a complimentary subscription to the nation's only magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets"), $250 gets you that plus a reason "swag bag" packed with logo-ized goodies, and $1,000 gets you—well, just go here now to find out what different giving levels offer.

If you care about ending the drug war, increasing biomedical freedom, growing the economy, reforming education, opening the world to free trade and globalization, defending the Second Amendment, and heightening the visibility of libertarian ideas in a world stuck between Iraq and a hard place, Democrats and Republicans, and liberals and conservatives, please give what you can.

And if you dug last night's live streaming from the DC HQ of LP candidate Bob Barr providing commentary on the debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, that's another reason to support us.

We not only create a space here where libertarians can read and debate ideas and news; we engage our colleagues in the mainstream and alternative media and help to show them the viability and vigor of the "Free Minds and Free Markets" mentality.

And we help create the next generation of freedom-loving kids. On that point, I direct you to this minute-long video below, in which I talk about discovering reason in high school and how it taught me two great and enduring lessons about government power and individual liberty. Those lessons will be just as powerful and important over the next 40 years as they have been since reason launched back in 1968.

Thanks for your support.

NEXT: Bob Barr Responds to McCain and Obama Live From Reason's DC HQ!

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  1. Cancel my subscription…..

  2. I have supported you financially. In the past. Seriously, that ceased as soon as someone put these fucking java popups on the site. Whatever moron had that idea needs to be thrown out the door, no way that you’re getting money by annoying the hell out of people.

  3. I gave $25! Where’s my bumper sticker? 😛

    I am also considering purchasing a subscription for my neocon father.

  4. I’m not giving shit. I purchase my own subscription and one for a friend as a birthday present.

  5. As I said in response to a previous bleg: I’d be inclined to donate, but that will never, ever happen as long as you keep using that java pop-up.

  6. I’ll donate once you ban anonymity guy…

  7. I bought a scrip for a Republican-turned-Libertarian relative and a college lefty one. I think a subscription for a potential responsive reader is better than a donation.

    And I don’t mind the donation request. The short videos of Matt and Nick were actually interesting. But Java pop-ups: no good.

  8. OK, nitpick: the popups are Javascript, not Java. Javascript is interpreted in the browser. Java is interpreted by a virtual machine that you have to install.

  9. Gift subscriptions make wonderful…gifts.

    Thanks to all who do so.

    More info here.

  10. OK, nitpick: the popups are Javascript, not Java. Javascript is interpreted in the browser. Java is interpreted by a virtual machine that you have to install.

    I stand corrected. My support ceased as soon as someone put those fucking irritating Javascript popups on the site.

    That better, Episaiarch?

  11. Jesus, you people are whiners. Takes me all of two seconds to close the pop-up.


  13. The worst part is that the popup can’t be gotten rid of at all if your screen is smaller than the popup, such as those on the Asus eee PC and the Nokia N800/N810. I wonder what it does on an iPhone, too.

    In OmniWeb, which is based on Safari, sometimes the popup close button starts off the bottom of the window and scrolls down when I scroll down the page, so I can never close it then either.

    Thanks Reason. You’ve destroyed the Hit & Run experience.

    Did you consider that asking nicely could have been a better solution than opening up a popup that won’t go away on 2/3 of the computers I use?

  14. I appreciate very much that reason organized the Barr portion of the debate. Because I’m not a Barr supporter and certainly won’t be voting for the other asshats, I found the audio to be a bit too poor to pay close attention and I went back to making yard signs for my yard. (I don’t blame reason but it was like listening to a radio program playing in the backgroud of a telephone conversation.) Nonetheless, I wonder why it wasn’t the LP that put something like this together.

    As for support, I also subscribe to the print edition and will be giving it as gifts this year.

  15. It takes me 2 seconds to close it too. Times about 100 for the times I’ve had to close it = 200 seconds, plus annoyance charge, carry the 3, and…Hmmm. Looks like no-donation this time unless you get rid of the pop-up pronto!

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