Bob Barr Responds to McCain and Obama Live From Reason's DC HQ!


Click below to watch Bob Barr live at Reason HQ.

And don't tune out when the debate ends! Barr will take a few minutes' break and then give a closing statement and answer questions from reason staff and audience members.

Update: Friday at 11pm. Our live transmission is over, but you can watch a loop of videos from and Bob Barr's campaign. And later this weekend, we'll be posting the whole debate event for on-demand viewing.

Update: We've taken down the direct streaming player for now, but you can go here to watch and Bob Barr videos. And check back here later for the archived version of Barr's comments on the presidential debate.

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  1. Anyone else not getting sound?

  2. R.– Try hopping over to if you’re still having trouble.

  3. Still nada. I guess it’s on my end if nobody else is having problems.

  4. Is this going to be recorded and reposted anywhere so we can watch the full thing later?

  5. Yes, the full video will be recorded and reposted over the weekend.

  6. Hey everybody! We’re gonna put on a show!

  7. Oh! Oh! I have a question for Bobarr the Author: does the fact that no one besides Reason is paying attention to you have something to do with your being an incredible fake?

    As for the real debate (the one everyone is paying attention to), it was a clear McCain win: he took Reason’s candidate to school.

  8. “Anyone else not getting sound?”

    I’m not.

  9. “I’m not.”

    You need to get a converter box. The Feds will give you a $40 Coupon.

  10. “The Feds will give you a $40 Coupon.”

    Where can I get one?

  11. Hey, Reason, thanks for hosting this, it was great!

  12. Clear McCain win. Could this be the end of the American left? Out of the way, liberal losers.

  13. Good stuff. My hat’s off to Nick and the others at Reason magazine for putting this together.

    Did Nader even try something like this?

  14. “Bob Barr Responds to McCain and Obama Live From Reason’s DC HQ!”

    Hey Reason! Ever worry about your 501(c)(3) status?

  15. And later this weekend, we’ll be posting the whole debate event for on-demand viewing.

    Things that will have greater “demand” over the weekend:
    1. ChristianeAmanpour’s live cam, if you know what I mean.
    2. WolfBlitzers’s live cam, if you know what I mean.
    3. “James Bob Simmons and Bob Jim Wilkins demonstrate proper swine healthcare live from the Ames County Fair.”

  16. I never objected to nuclear waste.

  17. Lonewacko, are you trying to be funny? I can’t tell.

  18. Can someone please also put up that awesome chat thread? That was some quality conversation right there.

  19. Having Reason host the Libertarian candidate for live debate commentary is pretty cool.

    It reminds me of 1992 when I watched the presidential debate with Andre Marrou in the basement bar of the Drury Inn, St. Louis, after protesting Marrou’s exclusion from the three-way debate at Washington University.

    President Bush had taken out the whole hotel after Andre Marrou had already reserved a room there. All the guests were kicked out by the Bush campaign, but Marrou fought it and successfully kept his room. So the entire population of the hotel during the debate was our little band of libertarian protesters and a bunch of Secret Service agents.

  20. Bret | September 26, 2008, 11:05pm | #
    “Bob Barr Responds to McCain and Obama Live From Reason’s DC HQ!”

    Hey Reason! Ever worry about your 501(c)(3) status?

    I’m sure the major candidates would have been welcome to hold the debate at Reason headquarters, if they included Barr. Would have been a much more interesting debate BTW, which is exactly why Barr was shut out — can’t have people thinking “whoa, the LP guy makes WAY more sense than the other guys.”

  21. Question: Seemed like you guys had a kind of…intimate setting for this shindig. I’m wondering if it might have had a greater public impact if you had held it in a more public place? A place where passing foot traffic could have caught this, then started asking questions– you know, might have pulled some people into the fray.

  22. OLS – second warning. I swear your phone number is going up every chance I get if you don’t knock it off.

  23. MikeP: what Libertarian candidate? About the best thing you can say about Barr is that he’d likely pass my acid test with flying colors. Practice makes perfect.

    But Barr is clearly a totalitarian motherfucker. Even people who pass the acid test can be that.

  24. Great idea, and overall well executed. Only complaints were the incessant talking coming from the main office bleeding over into the debate area, and not using a tivo setup so Barr could “pause” the debate, giving him more of an opportunity to present his counter position.

    If something like this is held again, any chance on figuring out a way to shut up the gawkers? I think about a half dozen, MP5 armed heavies from Blackwater might do the trick.

  25. Nick

    Are you guys going to do this for the VP debate too?

    Interspersing Wayne Root screaming Ginsu knife infomercials with Biden sticking his foot in his mouth and Palin talking about her foreign policy expertise would make for some great drunken entertainment.

    With the country’s financial system collapsing around us while the government rushes to respond by undermining the constitution and the fundamental premises of capitalism, it is reassuring to realize that all our political parties are selecting their VP candidates based entirely on their sheer entertainment value.

    Obviously this must be part of a coordinated multi-partisan effort to bail out the distilled spirits industry.

  26. Fred, please, I can’t handle that kind of laughter right now. I think I pulled a muscle.

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