Free Minds and Free Markets in the Marketplace of Ideas


You all know reason magazine (subscribe for just $19.97 today!), (home of the Drew Carey Project), and reason online (you're soaking in it). But our universe isn't the only place where we defend Free Minds and Free Markets.

On a daily basis, our small staff–supported in part through your generous tax-deductible contributions–is out there on the nation's op-ed pages, its airwaves, its non-reason magazines, and its cajillion websites, taking the libertarian argument to places where it isn't quite so predominant as here.

As we've seen in spades this week, sometimes making those arguments can seem like a lonely and losing battle. But we'll be fighting along, happy warriors all, for the next 40 years, just as in the 40 years previous. Here, for example, is Government Affairs Director Mike Flynn on CNBC back in April, speaking out against proposed mortgage bailouts:

Associate Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward came out on CNN against ridiculous anti-discrimination laws for fat people:

And, in a classic, Senior Editor Jacob Sullum calmly survives a patented Bill O'Reilly meltdown:

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And one more time, with feeling, my pitch for our journalism:

Thank you for your continued support, whatever form it takes!