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You all know reason magazine (subscribe for just $19.97 today!), (home of the Drew Carey Project), and reason online (you're soaking in it). But our universe isn't the only place where we defend Free Minds and Free Markets.

On a daily basis, our small staff–supported in part through your generous tax-deductible contributions–is out there on the nation's op-ed pages, its airwaves, its non-reason magazines, and its cajillion websites, taking the libertarian argument to places where it isn't quite so predominant as here.

As we've seen in spades this week, sometimes making those arguments can seem like a lonely and losing battle. But we'll be fighting along, happy warriors all, for the next 40 years, just as in the 40 years previous. Here, for example, is Government Affairs Director Mike Flynn on CNBC back in April, speaking out against proposed mortgage bailouts:

Associate Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward came out on CNN against ridiculous anti-discrimination laws for fat people:

And, in a classic, Senior Editor Jacob Sullum calmly survives a patented Bill O'Reilly meltdown:

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And one more time, with feeling, my pitch for our journalism:

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  1. people aren’t catching colds. people are losing huge chunks of their personal wealth. some of us know the difference.

  2. I see you’re offering print subscriptions, bumper stickers, etc. to donors – but what about your friends at the Distilled Spirits Council? Aren’t they chipping in?

  3. Can’t see the Mike Flynn piece at the office.

    But if it’s the same one here this is still my reaction:

    Kolohe | April 10, 2008, 12:17am | #

    Wow, even though I am on the same side as Flynn that was a terrible performance.

    First and most trivially, the black jacket/black turtleneck thing:
    Don’t get CNBC confused with ‘Red Eye.’

    Second, your talking points: The woman was right about one thing, the Frank plan has some provisions that should prevent flippers from being bailed out; (whether it works is obviously a different matter). You are on much firmer, if more unpopular, ground if you just state that it even people like mk above may get stuck, nobody deserves a bailout. Don’t introduce red herrings.

    Third, listen to your opposition. Rather than go for the accurate but cheap and obviously prearranged shot of ‘i should have bought a home in malibu’, challenge her on the “Wealth in Homes is Economic Growth” Challenge her that this is a fundamentally terrible thing; it’s basically micro-feudalism and is the underlying cause of the mess the economy is in today.

    The last dude did end on a good point, that even though the tech sector imploded in 2000, this industry is still around.

  4. So I have to ask: Is the Reason Foundation holding a lot of bad paper (other than Federal Reserve Notes, I mean ;-)? The continuous hat-passing exercise is worrying.

  5. Had never seen the Sullum interview before. “Really? You need to do a little more reading then.” Classic. And oh-so-deserved.

  6. I’m gonna donate to FEE instead..

  7. Free markets? What’s that? Didn’t they blow up this past week? Most American’s want a New New Deal not the raw deal of the last eight years. If the market is so smart how come it’s stupid when it comes to exotic instruments and securities. Government may know better sadly enough.

  8. In order to avoid page bloat, this post doesn’t include Reason’s valiant stand in support of roachcoaches, bacon-wrapped hotdogs, and the MexicanGovernment’s agenda.

    James Anderson Merritt: I’m not worried, and Reason’s staffers shouldn’t be either. If “something happens” they can always land on their feet by helping BHO setup

  9. Free markets? What’s that? Didn’t they blow up this past week?

    There hasn’t been a free market in mortgages since King Roosevelt established FHA in the 1930’s. From Freddy to Ginny, the whole idea is to subvert the market so as regular folks could have long term mortgages at favorable rates.

    This mess was created by the government who has promised to save us from it.

  10. I suppose you think bacon-wrapped hot dogs aren’t worth defending.

  11. How does anyone manage to watch bill o’reilly for more than two minutes? I know it’s a shtick, but nevertheless I’m unable to. Sullum just went up a couple of points in my book. He really was the picture of reason up there.

  12. Two hours later, he was gone
    with 19.97 of my dollars.

    But I had the reason magazine!

  13. people aren’t catching colds. people are losing huge chunks of their personal wealth. some of us know the difference.

    And in accordance with the entitlement mentality that says that the government must guarantee jobs, housing and medical care to the middle class, the welfare state is now responsible for maintaining the value of your house and your stock portfolio no matter how overpriced they were when you bought them.

  14. Damn the fat chick arguing with Mangu Ward is angry.

    Why is she so bitter?

  15. Damn the fat chick arguing with Mangu Ward is angry.

    “Bodies are for hookers and fat people.”

  16. Nope. Pop-up.

  17. I am a free window.

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