War on Drugs

Cheye Calvo Speaks


Yesterday, I spoke on a Cato Institute panel about no-knock police raids, along with Peter Christ of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and Cheye Calvo, the Berwyn Heights, Maryland mayor who last July was the victim of a violent, mistaken drug raid by police in Maryland's Prince George's County.

I was really impressed with Mayor Calvo.  His account of the raid had several people in the audience in tears.  He was also able to step back a bit and see what happened to him in the proper context.  He explained that he recognizes that his status, comparative wealth, and position in the community allowed him to defend himself against the police department in ways most victims of these tactics can't.

Video of the event should be up in a few days, but in the meantime, you can listen to Calvo recount the details of the raid in a podcast he recorded yesterday for Cato.