Who Should Libertarian Democrats Vote For?


"Libertarian Democrat," Joe Biden-basher, and reason contributor Terry Michael lays into the GOP ticket as the second coming of…Teddy Roosevelt-style Progressives:

Career Military Heroes and Unborn Life Lovers were certainly pumped for John McCain and his Brangelina bride, Cindy—who apparently wants to adopt the world. Witnessing her ethereal glow while cradling the Palin baby, those of us not awaiting the Rapture could only wonder, "Which of the 12 steps was that?" Indeed, VFW hats and evangelical bonnets bobbed in delight at the war-and-life-at-any-cost blather from speakers dwarfed before the JumboTronic-by-Sony American flag waving in the pixelated breeze.

But the third wing on the elephant, Goldwater libertarians, have got to be scared outa' their friggin' minds. They were pushed aside by the self-indulgent, authoritarian, Greater Purpose Than Thou Senator John Sidney McCain and his band of prime-enablers: the "compassionate conservatives," who comprise the fourth twig of the Republican Party. These Neo-Cons are the 21st Century version of the 19th Century "we'll run your life for you" Progressives, who came out of the Republican Party and later joined the Democrats—clueless that party founders Jefferson and Madison prized individual liberty and responsibility, not "social justice" distributed by elite experts.

Ms. Palin may have given libertarian Repubs some hope they can believe in, with her pistol-packin' homage to the Second Amendment and anti-tax bromides. But could they really warm to the no abortion, even with rape or incest, mantra? To her proud card-carrying United Steel Workers husband? Or populist attacks on Big Oil that could be voiced by Michael Moore? And what were non-interventionist libertarians to make of the infatuation of 1984's Miss Wasilla with The Bush-McCain War, to which she said she'd proudly send her son Track on September 11 (incredible timing there, Track.)

Michael had sworn off Obama in the wake of the Biden pick, but now goes back to the Dem fold. Is that happening elsewhere? Whole thing here.