Republican Convention 2008

My Reflection, Dirty Mirror


The first spontaneous chant of the night is "ZERO!" said in response to Hawaii Gov. Linda "Wait, who?" Lingle's attack on Obama and Biden for having "zero experience." It's… pathetic. Trust me, Republicans, you don't want to peel that onion. Romney could sell his business record and work in Massachusetts. Palin cannot spend two months selling her experience as mayor of a town the size of Mayberry.

Lingle's a treasure trove of ridiculous, stadium-rousing lines. "The last time I checked, Alaska had the same number as electoral votes as Delaware!" And you can fit a lot of other states in it!

Rudy Giuliani's doing a bit better, turning "community organizer" into a slur and hitting the Surge as a rallying point.

NEXT: "We Did Well!"

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  1. “And you can fit a lot of other states in it!”

    That was funny, though I guess not how she meant it.

    We think experience is crucial, that’s why we picked an pretty lady with no experience all the other people with tons of experience we could have got.

  2. Rudy Giuliani’s doing a bit better…

    Vast understatement…as much as I despise Giuliani, he’s given the best, most rousing speeches I’ve heard this week.

    He’ll either make Palin look really good….or really bad.

  3. MNG – don’t be so hard on your own party. Looks + no experience? YOU don’t want to peel that onion, as the author might say.

  4. Giuliani, as little as I care for him, is tearing the roof off right now.

  5. Heh. Yeah, community organizers are horrible, what with their helping people do stuff like get jobs and food and the right to vote.

  6. Republican really don’t like poor people getting all mouthy.

  7. Who wants to be Palin cries when she talks about the mean mean media, those crazy liberals like Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan picking on her?

  8. I hate to disagree, but it seems to me as if Giuliani sucks. Hard. He (and a lot of other Republican speakers) is almost literally intolerable to even listen to, let alone respect.

    He asked who the term “Islamic terrorists” offends? Who cares about terrorists? Try the other word Rudy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t say what you want, but at least acknowledge that being obnoxious to a billion people devout enough to kill for their God isn’t great foreign policy strategy. Republicans have a shit foreign policy, no credibility whatsoever on the economy, and are just plain strange on too many social issues. Remind me again why anyone likes these people? I can see McCain being somewhat different (to some people), but the party itself is an utter joke. And that’s my rant.

  9. Also intolerable, pretending that being mayor of a town of 7,000 is cool because you’re clearly not “cosmo”. It’s not lame because the town isn’t liberal. It’s lame because the town is fucking tiny. She’s speaking live in front of more people than that town has right now.

    Also, the idea that the Palin, McCain, and the Republicans will reform things. Doesn’t that inherently imply that the current leader is huge failure? Again, no credibility.

  10. I hate to disagree, but it seems to me as if Giuliani sucks. Hard. He (and a lot of other Republican speakers) is almost literally intolerable to even listen to, let alone respect.

    Certainly the content of their speeches is appallingly sleazy…but I’m talking about Guiliani’s ability to play the crowd…and he did a depressingly good job of it.

    And, equally depressingly, Palin is knocking this one out of the ballpark too.

    The audacity twins have their work cut out for them. Our one last remaining hope is that the press gets off it’s lazy, dumb ass this go ’round and does their job.

  11. Talking about comic relief, Romney, Rudi, Huckabee and the GOP just as lost as the democrats LOL pitiful

  12. Palin == Coolidge on experience. Im going to keep repeating it until the stupid inexperience meme is killed. Im still voting for Barr, but this idea annoys me.

    Can I get a “Biden is overexperienced” meme started? I think it is more true.

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