Republican Convention 2008



The younger, thinner Man from Hope is gearing up to speak now. He's slated to attack Obama with lines like this:

Maybe the most dangerous threat of an Obama presidency is that he would continue to give madmen the benefit of the doubt. If he's wrong just once, we will pay a heavy price.

It's a good choice. He plays attack dog better, and more forgiveably, than most of the people who'll take this stage. I'm still waiting for some speaker to broaden the attacks from policy to the Obama scandals that are ripped and rended every night on Fox News. Will Huck finally bring up Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

Huck's Europe-bashing is meeting a completely bored room. There's no reaction to the attacks on the continent until Huck says Americans "want less government." A big change from the popularity of France-bashing of '04, I think.

A huge reaction to the Wassila, AK line: "She got more votes running for mayor than Joe Bide got running for president." Except I don't think that's true. In 1996, Palin 616 votes to her opponent's 413 votes. And the Iowa caucus eliminates people who don't get 15 percent in the first round, so no one knows how many votes Biden got. And if winning elections is a qualification, than Obama is as qualified as McCain. And, and… the GOP has no clue about how to defend Palin.

NEXT: Mitt!

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  1. Hey David he gave you Media Elites a shout out

    Booooooooo! European ideas

    Yeaaaaaaaaa !!! Less government !

  2. Huck can speech

    too bad he doesn’t mean it

  3. He actually said “Democratic ticket”.

  4. He actually said “Democratic ticket”.

    Nobody’s perfect

  5. So, our veterans were fighting for school furniture?

    Huck swings and misses.


  6. Huck’s their big gun. Bill Clinton says he’s the only Republican candidate who can give a speech or tell a joke.

    I wonder if Huckabee would have used that “waiting for the government to rescue me” line if Gustav had been worse, and CNN was showing a split screen.

    This ceremonial recitation of the McCain bio stuff is getting creepy at this point.

    This is very much a speech to the convention hall.

    That speech was nothing special. I expected better.

  7. Rudy 9iul1an1 is up next. I’ve got my bottle of Ezra Brooks and shot glass ready.

  8. BDB,

    You might kill yourself doing that.

  9. SIV-

    I know my limit. I’ll call of the drinking game if he goes too far.

    But I should be good and tanked for the Palin speech. Isn’t that the best role 9iu1ian1 can play at this convention?

  10. Linda!

    She is Governor of Hawaii doesn’t that put her to the left of Obama even with an “R” after her name?

    I can answer that myself, yes it does.

  11. Huck is an excellent speaker, the most adept the GOP had this year. He strikes me as a regular guy.

  12. Did you see it, MNG?

    Not nearly as good as he was during the primary.

  13. No I missed it. I’m suprised if he did bad. The guy has a silver tongue.

  14. I wouldn’t say “bad.” Just an okay speech to the hall.

  15. Lingle is libertarianish, as in gays are fine and taxes are bad. Just don’t ask her for the details. We mostly elected her for her “I’m not Mazie Hirono” position.

  16. So, our veterans were fighting for school furniture?

    Evidently, Paul Harvey has been doing a little speechwriting on the side.

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