Sound of Pins Dropping In St. Paul


Things are looking a little more active today, but boy, yesterday was as quiet as whatever church the churchmouse lives in. How quiet was it? A couple of guys tied on tefillin and started chanting on the concourse at the Xcel Center, and that was about the most exciting thing going on:

Also so quiet that Matt Welch and I headed to a bar called The Liffey, right outside the convention center, and it was almost empty. Fortunately, one of the handful of other patrons was Dan Savage, Seattle Stranger sex columnist and for my money one of the greatest living Americans. Savage is murdering the convention at the Stranger's RNC blog, and I can understand his glee at Sarah Palin's ongoing pecadilloes, but isn't it all good when you get these life/sex stories, because they show how actual human behavior doesn't track to any political dynamic? "Yeah," said Savage, "because all the dynamics of sex are older than the morality and political rules. The rules of sexual attraction go back millions of years, a lot longer than people have been making political parties."

So if things don't heat up today, I'm forming a new political organization: The Sex Party.