Ron Paul's Rally: Hot Rumor of the Day


MINNEAPOLIS—The big hubbub in the hall of the Target Center is that the GOP will suspend the rules in St. Louis and hold its presidential nomination right now, while the small number of Paul delegates are tied up. Jason Littlejohn of Lives in the Balance ran over to the press table to inform us that a Hope for America Coalition director was in the XCel Center, frantically calling about the rule change and screw-over. "They don't want any 'nay' votes," said Paul Nevada delegate Arden Osborne.

As I was typing, an announcer took the stage mic to warn the delegates about a possible rush to the XCel Center.

UPDATE: At RP's war room, the word is: Calm. The delegates are staying here. "We think it's a political trick to clear out the rally," says Paul ally Doc Meder. "We're staying put."

That was a fun six minutes, though.

UPDATE: Doc steered me wrong! John Tate of the Campaign for Liberty says that the delegates and alternates just went to the XCel Center to cast voice votes. Tate headed up to the main stage to announce the availabilty of "about 500 floor seats" in the front of the arena.