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Policy Lessons from Hurricane Katrina


As the big storm Gustav peters out and memories of Hurricane Katrina recede, it's a good time to recall reason's special December 2005 issue, which was dedicated to exploring policy failures related to that event.

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  1. Policy Lessons from Katrina:

    1. Don’t encourage development on coastal swamps
    2. Don’t build shitty walls
    3. When shitty walls spring holes, don’t procrastinate on fixing them
    4. Don’t put a crony in a critical job
    5. Don’t DISCOURAGE private aid and rescue efforts
    6. Have your shit together for your own efforts
    7. Please, and this is crucial, do NOT shoot Brown People.

  2. 8. Get a Republican governor.

  3. Elemenope,

    Almost the entire Gulf Coast used to be swamps. I’ll be heading back to Biloxi in a few hours and the home I rent was built on a swamp. The foundation is sinking matter of fact. Also, most of your list refers to problems felt by New Orleans and Louisiana, not Mississippi.

  4. Almost the entire Gulf Coast used to be swamps.

    Then please amend #1 to read:

    1. Do not encourage development on the Gulf Coast

    I’m reminded of a Louis Black routine where he talks about earthquakes as nature’s way of telling you a little secret: MOVE!

  5. Fine then Elemenope! But we must amend #1 further to read:

    1. Do no encourage development on the Gulf Coast, except strip clubs.

    There is a shortage of strip clubs in Mississippi. You gotta go to Louisiana or Alabama for em’.

  6. Personally, I am shocked that anyone returned after katrina. I sure would not have!


  7. LOL swamps! I would not want to live in one!

    D. Oofus

  8. Jeff,

    It’s sort of like asking J sub D why he stays in Detroit. It’s home. I lived in Biloxi proper at the time and water got to within 300 ft of my apartment complex. I managed to get back within 2 days and started fixing up the damage my apartment did have at the time. The thought of just leaving and never returning never even reared its head.

  9. Naga Sadow,

    Well you can of course do what you want. Just don’t expect any encouragement! 🙂

    (Not that you do…)

  10. There is a shortage of strip clubs in Mississippi. You gotta go to Louisiana or Alabama for em’.

    Personally I’ve never understood why people want to keep strip clubs away from schools. If it were me, I’d put them right across the street and then have sex ed classes in them.

    Damn things never look like they do in the pictures! 😉

  11. LoL. My welfare check gives me all the encouragement I require!

  12. Elemenope,

    My theory is that it mainly has to do with unattractive soccer moms. They ruin it for everyone else with their insecurities! Also, when attractive but unintelligent females get the idea of how much money you can make stripping it kind of settles the issue for all involved. Speaking of which, I try like hell to get a bartender gig in a strip club. It’s like trying to break into a union shop or something!

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