Palin in Comparison: Republicans Love Her, and She Loves Ron Paul


The most potent shot of snark over the Sarah Palin pick is that the conservative base is revealing how little it cared about the war on terror by rah-rahing and callooh-callaying the nomination of a 1/3-term governor of Alaska to co-lead the republic. Brookhiser:

Reader after reader said that the base was now energized. You would have thought the base was energized by being in a war. If not, perhaps we need a new base.

But au contraire! The base is excited by Palin's experience. After a screening of An American Carol (about which more later) I milled around with delegates and asked Idaho McCainie (and state representative) Marge Chadderdon if she liked the Palin pick. She did! Palin had gone to school in Idaho, and when she met Chadderdon she asked her: "Are you a Vandal?" She wasn't, but it warmed Chadderdon to her.

Was she confident in Palin's experience? "She's got more experience than Obama," Rep. Chadderdon said. "She's the head of the Alaska National Guard, and Alaska's the closest part of our country to Russia. She's dealt with them, and that's very important now." I was curious: How had Palin worked with Russia? What were the issues she'd hammered out with them. "The oil, I think."

In related, non-fetal Palin news, Ron Paul blogger Meli Oped re-uploads a Palin interview from earlier this year in which the gallopin' gov praises Dr. Ron "Ron Paul" Paul.

"He's cool! He's a good guy. He's so independent. He's independent of, like, the party machine? I'm, like, right on, that's, so am I. The party machinery, on both sides of the party, you know. It's—Americans are tired of the incessant partisanship that gets in the way of doing the right thing for this country."