There Is No Joy in Swampland


Bad news from Dick Heller friend Bradley Jansen.

We tried to draft Dick Heller to run for Delegate to Congress from DC. While considering the prospect, he did allow us to circulate petitions on his behalf. However, when we finally needed a decision from him before we could file, he declined. We had lots of volunteers and support with a volunteer campaign structure coming in to place, but ultimately the decision was his.

Citing the priorities of the ongoing compliance with the city of the US Supreme Court decision, as well as the "Heller II" case to force the city's compliance, among other issues, Mr. Heller explained that he could not be a candidate. Of course we also recognized the burden it would have placed on him and his family. It was with great pleasure that I learned about the "Draft Heller" movement. I gleefully entertained and seriously considered the draft idea," Dick Heller told supporters. "It would be a great challenge."

He reiterated his concerns that made him consider the grassroots draft of crime, education, jobs and taxes. We hope other candidates will take up these important issues in their campaigns. He did not rule out a possible future run for office.

Not that he was ever going to win, but too bad.