I Love it When You Call Me Big Talker


One clarifying thing about these floor speeches: How eye-rollingly silly the "veepstakes" are. We've heard from a number of people yesterday and today whose names were floated, in some way or another, for VP. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius? Dull. West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller? It's like the teleprompter is trying to kill him. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland? Howdy Doody esque. I hate to predict the news, but you can probably cut out that description and apply it to Evan Bayh whenever he scooters up to the big stage.

The expectation all week has been that Joe Biden will, as one incredible alternate said as I crossed the street against him, "tear John McCain seven new assholes." If/when he does, those rumors about other possible choices are going to be pretty well forgotten. I'm looking at you, Sam Nunn.

Extra bonus fun: A few bloggers in the tent greeted Rockefeller with cries of "Jello Jay sucks!"