For the Love of Joe


It's hard, damn hard, to hate a guy who can drop bombs like "I'm a success. I'm a success!" and "God, I wish my dad was here tonight!" and "This is the God's truth, she said: 'Bloody their nose so you can walk down the street the next day.'"

Biden is extremely good at packaging liberalism as the only possible accompaniment to American life. "Work is more than a paycheck. It's dignity. It's respect."

There's less here than I expected. Biden drops a few words ("taxes" instead of "tax cuts" on corporations) and lingers on praise for McCain. As he goes into his litany, a Big Tent heckler (if that's what you call somebody who's not actually being negative) yells "MORE COPS!"

Biden's late focus on Georgia butts up against what I heard from a few delegates today, that Obama/Biden need to pivot away from foreign policy because McCain wins that fight. I think Biden's right and they're wrong.