Among the Blogs


It was fun and all, braving Star Wars opening weekend lines to get into the Pepsi Center, but tonight I'm watching the convention from the Big Tent, the blogger monolith a few blocks from the convention's security gates.

A few facts about the tent.

– It's sponsored by Digg, Google, and EcoDrivingUSA. At the moment the Teamsters are providing free beer. Which reminds me. You know what's a good idea? The Employee Free Choice Act.

– It's crawling with celebrities of a certain type—let's call them H-List, for hipsters. Eugene Mirman! Obama Girl! Various people taking video of Obama Girl taking video of various other people!

– It's homey and thrown together. For example, some nice people are gesturing toward my table as if they are going to move it right now.

For what it's worth, the biggest burst of applause since 5:10, when I got here, was for Maxine Waters.