Democratic Convention 2008

The Quick Reviews on Hillary Clinton's Speech


"She hit it out of the park," says Al Hunt, late of the Wall Street Journal and now of Bloomberg.

"I don't know how it could have been better," MSNBC's moodster-to-the-max Keith Olbermann.

"She did what she wanted them to do," historian-cum-plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin, who also noted that nobody can really deliver votes any more.

"She made a rousing case for Barack Obama," New York Times' Adam Nagourney.

"She certainly put on a performance tonight that looked real," Slate's Jacob Weisberg.

"She was like Harriet Tubman, keep it going….It was like a relay race, she was passing the baton," MSNBC's Chris Matthews.

I'd say that Sen. Clinton has had the best performance so far, by a wide margin, both in terms of attacking John McCain and the Republicans head-on and defining a nauseatingly comprehensive set of plans for raising taxes, getting mad at companies for "shipping job overseas," and pushing universal health care (or more accurately, even more expensive and less effective health care).

Will Bill Clinton bring the rain tomorrow night? And can Joe Biden keep the blood pumping until Obama takes the stage? Eh. Time for sleep.


NEXT: "Capitalism is a wonderful thing; but it shouldn't apply to health care."

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  1. When she said “I endorse Barack Obama”, it looked like something invisible molested her entire body.

  2. I thought the Harriet Tubman thing was the only questionable moment. It seemed a little crass to invoke the struggle to escape slavery when talking about the struggle of Dems to stop screwing up politically.

    Other than that, it was pitch-perfect pageantry.

  3. I’ll give the speech a three fingered fork gesture salute “up”

    Hillary makes a better villain.

  4. nobody can really deliver votes any more.

    Heck, we don’t even deliver telegrams anymore.

  5. Schweitzer was better, and since my dad is from Montana, I already like the guy. Too bad nobody saw him. But Hillary did pretty much exactly what she needed to do. If there are PUMAs that still won’t support Obama, they’re truly unreachable dead-enders. The Democrats can live without them.

  6. Are you serious? More expensive and less effective health care than we have now? I don’t know where you get your health care, but mine’s pretty darn expensive. Though at least I’ve got some I suppose…A mixture like Japan is the best I’ve seen – the state, individual and govt all pay a share. And the results speak for themselves…

  7. Hilary pretty much redeemed herself and made a case for her future, four years on. She’s a master politician and played to all galleries. We all heard a bit of what we wanted to hear. I still needed to ‘feel’ her heart, but that was not to be. So for now, her support for Barack will do, albeit she made a strong case for her own campaign history which was far too long.A great time to be an American and a Democrat!Wishing you all a radiant future under Barack…

  8. Probably the best speech she’s ever given. I had actually hoped to see even more shots at John McCain, but it’s clear that she was going for a specific audience – people who supported her and might vote for John McCain – so she couldn’t make her attacks to personal.

    The live blogger at – a polls and electoral college site – wrote that we’ll know Hillary’s speech was a success if the Republican pundits are all using the line “This shows that she should have been vice president” today.

  9. Joe, haven’t they been saying Hillary should have been VP for like the last week anyway?

  10. I just saw some clips, but what struck me was her body language when she said Barack’s name – she kind of recoiled a little.

    I’d be really interested to know how many people actually saw her speech. I get the impression that nobody out in The World really gives a crap about the convention; that its all inside baseball for a micro-percentage of junkies, despite the heavy media coverage.

  11. BDB,

    If the speech didn’t get the job done, they would have stopped using that line, and gone into “the convention is a failure” mode.


    Neilsen reports 22 million viewers, a 20% increase from last time.

  12. I’d like to know if anyone is even going to watch the Republican Convention.

    Being held on Labor Day week with a hurricane coming? I doubt it.

  13. Neilsen reports 22 million viewers, a 20% increase from last time.

    More than I would have thought.

    Being held on Labor Day week with a hurricane coming? I doubt it.

    Labor Day week? Whatever – there’s nothing else on, and lots of people will be home, what with the kids in school and all.

    A hurricane – what a missed opportunity. The Repubs should have held their convention in FL – the ratings would be sky-high (for a convention) if people thought they might get to see one of the two premier collections of nerds and narcissists washed out to sea.

  14. Me, too, RC. Twenty-two million? That’s big.

    Imagine what the numbers are going to be tomorrow night.

    What is it with McCain and the hurricanes?

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