"Capitalism is a wonderful thing; but it shouldn't apply to health care."


If I seemed too sanguine about the probability that the Democrats might be instituting mandatory universal health care for cats as soon as they're in office, an hour or two listening to the California Nurses Association, Progressive Democrats of America and friends has been more than enough to make me afraid, very afraid.

And the terror isn't stemming only from the horrendous pair of white shoes Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan) was wearing while addressing the health care groups:

A very doddering Conyers (who graciously supplied this post with its title) got a standing O by calling for the impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Carl Rove, Bebe Rebozo, Tony Snow's heirs and assigns, and the surviving members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

After that it was a fete d'HR 676. No more insurance (it's worse than casino gambling!), no more health "coverage," nothing but health care, no more heart attacks, breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or persistent chronic halitosis. All these things will come to pass when Joe Biden ascends to the vice presidency. And why shouldn't they? It turns out the hospital and pharmaceutical industries are "destroying this country," according to CNA Prez Deborah Berger.

I know CNA to be a group maniacally committed to single-payer health care, but after a half-dozen harangues about how our health care situation is worse than Bolivia's, I'm wondering if even a Canadian model will be extreme enough. (My favorite theme of the night has been the call for "uniform treatment." That's the way to put humanity and individual dignity back into this "dysfunctional, inhumane system.")

I've soared too long in the New Democrat clouds. I forgot who really keeps them aloft.  

On the other hand, they've still got plenty of booze, Hillary's about to start speaking on the jumbotron, and I'm in for the duration. Go, Barack, go! Why shouldn't Reason be on the hook for my RSI?