Democratic Convention 2008

What Did I Miss?


I missed the RightMarch anti-immigration rally across town, the one where Bob Barr spoke. If we can believe the hated MSM…

A rally by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps featuring Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr drew just a few dozen people.

Held at a Denver park a few miles away from the Democratic National Convention, the rally was more of a picnic, where even some counter-protesters shouting obscenities at the anti-illegal immigration activists failed to stir much emotion.

Even Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Republican who launched a short-lived presidential bid earlier this year largely based on his call for an immigration overhaul, showed up late to the rally wearing a golf shirt and loafers and started his remarks by quipping, "I'm like yesterday's news."

A problem for Barr and for the other third party candidates is how heroically distant the convention center is from everything they're doing. Public transportation stops about five blocks from the gates of the Pepsi Center, and a security gate (complete with "empty all liquids" TSA rules) stops you three more blocks from the entrance of the center. It's awfully hard for a reporter to run a "check out the wacky third parties" story without leaving the compound. And it's hard for the third party candidates (they're all here) to get close to the center.

This, however, was perfect.

After independent presidential candidate Alan Keyes addressed the group, he was surrounded by supporters — who asked about abortion.

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  1. I’m still surprised by the spectacular flop of anti-immigration politics.

    Who thought, in 2005, that its appearance in the presidential election would look like this?

  2. The last man to ever see Mary Jo Kopechne alive is speaking right now.

  3. Well, if you haven’t been watching the DNCC, you’ve been missing a continuous stream of amazing lies. They must think no one has ever read a newspaper or wathched a news program.

    The Kennedy family sailing footage really connected with us poor people.

  4. Can you believe the way the speaker of the house Pelosi masturbated on TV. It impeded her ability to speak.

  5. Why no open DNC Convention blog?

  6. After independent presidential candidate Alan Keyes addressed the group, he was surrounded by supporters – who asked about abortion.

    In Keyes’ case, it’s 58 years too late.

  7. is bob barr really chumming around with the minutemen? unfreakinbelievable. i’m officially finished with all politics forever.

  8. First, I want to clear up a common misconception: Weigel knew all about this rally before I posted on it and then left a comment on it, so no hat-tip is required according to blogging etiquette.

    Second, joe opines: I’m still surprised by the spectacular flop of anti-immigration politics.

    Who knew? I mean, it’s not like that particular brand of illegal activity is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s not like those who profit from it are able to buy off – in one way or other – various politicians, media groups, and the like.

    And, it’s not like those who don’t want a real debate about this issue are colluding or acting as useful idiots for crooks or anything.

    In any case, see my post for what RightMarch should have done. Maybe one day someone will do that and then we can finally have an honest debate about this issue.

  9. It must be the awe-inspiring power of the illegal immigrants lobby.

    Because there’s no way decent people would be turned off by a cruel, shabby, demeaning spasm of racist bedwetting. People don’t want you to deport their grandmothers; who knew?

  10. And when I say “…cruel, shabby, demeaning spasm of racist bedwetting,” I mean

    TLB | April 11, 2006, 12:10pm | #

    …And, the Ge0rgia rally was organized by a former Mexican C0nsul General.

    These marches are obviously a show of force and are intended by some of the supporters to intimidate. If they don’t get what they want, what happens?

    Isn’t the U.S. forced to capitulate to the demands of these foreign citizens, or face what may be dire consequences?

    What word would most Americans use to refer to those who assist what bears many of the hallmarks of an invasion?

  11. “TLB | April 11, 2006, 12:10pm | ”


    you remember quotes from April 2006? You’re just as fucked up as my ex-wife.

    It’s all so clear now.

  12. Why is an LP candidate defending a racially based quota system?

  13. Why is an LP candidate defending a racially based quota system?

    Your guess is as good as mine. I guess (anti-)immigration is one of the planks our ex-hard-right guy *didn’t* change his mind on. At least he could have had the good grace to wash his hands of it and defer the issue to the states, like he did with gay marriage.

  14. Man, Bob Barr’s idiotic stance on immigration is the only gallstone in my peehole that might actually keep me from voting for him.

    How can a libertarian say a war on drugs is irrational but a war on illegal immigrants is noble? Dude, both are going to happen whether you like it or not!

  15. ditto!

  16. Margery’s Ex,


    you remember quotes from April 2006?

    No, I entered “immigrant march flag” into the search feature, and that thread was the first link to come up. I just remembered that LW went into full bedwetter mode during those big immigration rallies.

  17. There is a difference between supporting border security and being anti-immigrant. Barr’s suggestion that we revise birthright citizenship worries me, but he is slowly moving towards a more libertarian direction on immigration. His website says we should encourage productive people to immigrate. I think we can convince the Barr camp to support raising immigration quotas and keeping existing birthright citizenship policies if we keep dialogue open.

  18. I wanted to comment on the minuteman. The other day I saw a picture in the newspaper in where there was this minuteman and this protester (anti-minuteman). The photo striked me because the minuteman was an Asian man, and I was thinking that it is ironic that 2nd or 3th generation immigrants are so intolerant about new immigrants. And do not get me wrong, I am not pro illegal immigrants, not at all. But I have found that often times the Americans that are most intolerant about new immigrants (legal or illegal immigrants) are themselves immigrants. It is common place to see this Mexican-American police officer treating legal Mexican immigrants in an unpolite manner. Going back to the minuteman issue, I think this Asian man should think about that some generations ago it was his forefathers who were illegal and who were brought to the US to build the train tracks. The bottom line is that the US is in itself a country made by immigrants, and because of this, old immigrants should be more tolerant with new immigrants.

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