What Did I Miss?


I missed the RightMarch anti-immigration rally across town, the one where Bob Barr spoke. If we can believe the hated MSM…

A rally by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps featuring Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr drew just a few dozen people.

Held at a Denver park a few miles away from the Democratic National Convention, the rally was more of a picnic, where even some counter-protesters shouting obscenities at the anti-illegal immigration activists failed to stir much emotion.

Even Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Republican who launched a short-lived presidential bid earlier this year largely based on his call for an immigration overhaul, showed up late to the rally wearing a golf shirt and loafers and started his remarks by quipping, "I'm like yesterday's news."

A problem for Barr and for the other third party candidates is how heroically distant the convention center is from everything they're doing. Public transportation stops about five blocks from the gates of the Pepsi Center, and a security gate (complete with "empty all liquids" TSA rules) stops you three more blocks from the entrance of the center. It's awfully hard for a reporter to run a "check out the wacky third parties" story without leaving the compound. And it's hard for the third party candidates (they're all here) to get close to the center.

This, however, was perfect.

After independent presidential candidate Alan Keyes addressed the group, he was surrounded by supporters — who asked about abortion.