Back To the Bars


Yesterday's column by Steve Chapman, in which the Chicago Tribune scribe argued for keeping the drinking age where it is, drew a large amount of criticism and disagreement from reason regulars.

In a week where we discussed college presidents backing a lower drinking age and bizarre school theatrics aimed at scaring kids sober, let's close out the topic with a column from reason contributor and Denver Poster David Harsanyi:

It's regularly pointed out that young adults can volunteer to serve in Iraq but are prohibited from buying a beer. But young adults are also free to produce children (many children). A young adult can plan the entire course of his or her life by the age of 21. A young adult can serve on a jury and determine the fate a fellow citizen. If a young adult chooses, he or she can act in pornographic films, gamble nightly, smoke several packs of cigarettes or, in some places, even engage in the truly depraved act of becoming a politician.

Yet this same young adult is breaking the law when ordering an appletini?

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