Yippie! Roger, Stoned


Roger Stone is often described as a Republican Party "dirty-trickster"; he's a tireless advocate of wife-swapping; he has a large tattoo on his upper-back (well, it's a tattoo of Nixon, but nevertheless…); and he helped destroy the political career of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, an achievement for which he should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. When Stone stopped by the reason office last year, he professed fealty to the Republican Party but not, obviously, its social conservative wing. Deep down, Stone said to a skeptical audience (again, remember that Nixon tattoo), he was something of a libertarian.

The New York Daily News reports that Stone "performed" last night at the Yippie Café on Bleeker Street with his friend Randy Credico, a comedian and drug-law reform advocate. And according to Daily News reporter Elizabeth Benjamin, the rock-ribbed Republican attacked New York's harsh, antediluvian drug laws:

Stone deemed the system "racist," and noted that those who are poor and of color end up in the system, more often than not, while white people with enough money to hire an attorney (he mentioned a certain former LG's daughter) generally manage to avoid

Nick Gillespie interviews Roger Stone at reason HQ: