Come On Everybody, We Got Quiltin' to Do


I'm going to climb out on a limb and predict better-than-average sales for the new issue of Paranoia.

The article isn't available online, sadly, but the author is Dr. Alan Cantwell. That's this Alan Cantwell, I believe.

The U.S. media have censored all serious discussion of AIDS as a man-made disease, and have dismissed the accusation as propaganda of the worst sort. It is indeed incredible that the biowarfare story has been suppressed for over a decade. However, in the past few years people have been made acutely aware of the "secret" government that runs America and frequently lies to the public. It is now well known that covert agencies such as the FBI and CIA, and clandestine organizations like the Mafia and others, have all influenced the American agenda. These agencies all operate outside the will of the American people.

A second prediction: Cantwell will not become the 301st Obama policy advisor. More on Jeremiah Wright here.