Hey, Barack Obama Exists After All


The latest news from the Obama Conspiracyverse is the first third-party proof of Obama's birth in Hawaii. It's a birth announcement from a 1961 issue of the Honolulu Advertiser that was dug up, ironically enough, by Lori Starfelt, who's working on an anti-Obama documentary for pro-Clinton PUMAs.

The crucial clip:

Well, that's it. Game over: Obama was born in the States. Or… [cue Bernard Hermann sting] was he? This image actually comes from Obama conspiracist TexasDarlin, who appends it with 12 questions. Such as…

Although this announcement suggests his parents were married, that's still an open question.

Have you noticed that there are no photos of Obama as an infant?

Barack Obama's original birth certificate likely contains something that embarrasses him, or something that could be problematic for him legally, such as an indication of dual nationality. I STILL think he needs to produce a hard copy of the original Birth Certificate, or he looks like he's hiding something.

In the comments, TexasDarlin talks with fellow skeptics.

Jackson, I'm not sure that any info on the COLB is fake, but perhaps the document was set up to appear to be fake, so that we would spend hundreds of hours studying it…

I've recovered footage from inside the Obama truther strategy meeting held before this blog post was published. Here it is:

(Seriously, if you like conspiracy theories, the comments at this site are a festival of chuckles. The idea of Obama's family collaborating to create a false biography for him is, in itself, hilarious. How did those 1961 dinner table conversations go, do they think? "If we don't create a false story, and fast, our half-African son of an 18-year old mother will have no chance at becoming president!")