Schwarzenegger for Cabinet (and President?)


Amid murmurs that he might consider a position as energy czar—from McCain or Obama—Schwarzenegger puts in a good word for the virtues of the flip flop:

"Flip-flopping is getting a bad rap, because I think it is great," Schwarzenegger told ABC's "This Week" in an interview broadcast Sunday.

"Someone has made a mistake. I mean, someone has, for 20 or 30 years, been in the wrong place with his idea and with his ideology and says, 'You know something? I changed my mind. I am now for this.' As long as he's honest or she's honest, I think that is a wonderful thing. You can change your mind," he said. "I have changed my mind on things and there is nothing wrong with it."

This is why I love Arnold. This is why America loves Arnold. This is why Arnold is a mere constitutional amendment away from the presidency.

Take a peek back at my coverage of the Arnold-dominated 2008 Governors' Declaration on Climate Change, where everyone agreed that no matter who won the election, he'd be "better on global warming" than Bush. Maybe that's because no matter who wins we're going to wind up with Schwarzenegger in the cabinet. 

Query for constitutional scholars: What happens if Arnold is the only cabinet member to survive some kind of horrible attack. Does he finally get to be president, lack of native-born status notwithstanding?