Is Banning Fried Foods Any Way To Woo Southern Delegates?


Howard "Extreme" Mortman points to culinary dictates of the ruling junta at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. From a Rocky Mountain News report on the mandatory inclusion of blue/purple foods, among other things:

The Democratic National Convention host committee guidelines for caterers suggest serving mostly organic fare or Colorado products, and avoiding fried foods. The guidelines even suggest color schemes on plates.

"This is the food police," groused Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown on Monday. "These people stood in line too long at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival." …

DNC host committee meal guidelines

* Half a meal made up of fruits and/or veggies

* At least three of the following five colors on a plate—red, green, yellow, blue/purple and white (garnishes don't count)

* No fried foods

* At least 70 percent of ingredients (based on precooked weight) certified organic and/or grown or raised in Colorado

* Use of reusable serviceware

* No bottled water, use pitchers instead

* Encourage staff to use alternative modes of transportation

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Recently dead comic George Carlin asks "Where's the blue food?" below:

Update: reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward blogged the DNC's quest for healthy food back on June 25, noting that there was also a problem with getting organic fanny packs for attendees. And she commented on the manifold challenges facing the official "director of greening," Andrea Robinson:

I'm sure Ms. Robinson will be able to handle these challenges. After all, what better preparation could there be for running the Verdant Directorate than a degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara, a guest role as "Barbara" on West Wing season 3, episode 4 ("Ways and Means"), and an appearance as Party Guest/Bridesmaid in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps?

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