Civil Liberties

Hustler, Once More Into the Constitutional Breach


In the  hometown of pornographer and First Amendment defender Larry Flynt, another constitutional battle is a-brewing due to Hustler:

A Northern Kentucky mother of two is suing Ohio's attorney general, seeking to overturn part of a new Ohio law that requires those convicted of selling obscene material to register as sex offenders

The woman, identified only as G.B. in the suit, is a manager of the downtown Hustler store that sells magazines, DVDs, videos, lingerie, lotions and other items of a sexual nature.

"She's not been convicted or charged with anything. She's frightened," attorney Lou Sirkin said Monday.

The woman is afraid, Sirkin said, because under the current law, if she sells something at the store that is deemed—even years later—to be obscene, the law requires her to register as a sex offender for 15 years.

More here at The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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